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Legend of the Five Rings: Thousand Years of Darkness

Time line So Far

  1. Second Day of Thunder
  2. Assault on the Clans
  3. Death of another Emperor
  4. Reuniting
  5. The Day the Dragons Left
  6. Current Day

Important People in the World

  1. Crab Clan
  2. Crane Clan
  3. Dragon Clan
  4. Lion Clan
  5. Phoenix Clan
  6. Scorpion Clan
  7. Unicorn Clan

The bulk of information about this world is best described in the dedicated Legend of the Five Rings wikipedia located here. This page is for the denoting of differences between the Thousand Years of Darkness and the standard timeline, the “Real world” is both at a later date and had some changes in its past.

A New Page

Thousand Years of Darkness Dyckman86